Yellow Lab With Brown Nose

Labradors come in various colors. There are purebred yellow labs with a brown nose and blue eyes, and there are also yellow labs with brown nose and hazel eyes. If you are considering purchasing a purebred yellow lab, keep in mind that it is best to research the various options available in the breed.

The color of the nose depends on the amount of melanin contained in the dog’s cells, and this color is determined by the puppy’s genes. ‘Bee’ genes control black and chocolate coloration, while ‘Eee’ genes control yellow coloration. Because these genes act like switches, your pup may have a dark brown nose in the winter months and a pink nose in the summer. Regardless of the color of the coat, the nose should still be pigmented.

While it is common for a yellow lab to have a brown nose, it is not always possible to show your pup in competitions unless they are completely pink. While labs are typically healthy, they are also susceptible to several common health conditions. While they are generally healthy, they are prone to certain genetic disorders. To prevent these conditions from developing in your pup, you should purchase a lab that has been certified by a veterinarian.

There are several reasons why a yellow lab can develop a brown or black nose. Some are cosmetic in nature, but others are more serious and require veterinary care. For instance, a yellow lab with brown pigmentation may experience a condition known as “snow nose.” Snow nose occurs when the nose turns pink in the winter, caused by a temperature-dependent enzyme known as tyrosinase.

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