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Cheap Flooring Ideas Over Concrete

For a cheap flooring solution over concrete, consider staining it. Stained concrete floors can be purchased for as little as $2 to $3 per square foot. These floors are durable and can be stained to match a traditional decor or match a sleek modern one. A floor made of concrete is extremely hard, and it can withstand any type of impact.

Another cheap flooring option is vinyl sheet flooring. These floors are easy to install and can be purchased for as little as $2 to $3 per square foot. However, the downside to installing these floors is that they’re more messy to install. You’ll need to cut the sheet to the right size, roll it out, and glue it down. You’ll also need extra glue for seam joints.

Laminate is another affordable flooring option. It’s more durable than vinyl and costs just over a dollar per square foot. It’s easy to install, too, and is available in a variety of colors and patterns. But be sure to check the AC ratings of the laminate you choose. The AC rating of the flooring will determine its durability and wear resistance.

While tile is more expensive than other flooring options, it’s durable and will last for years. It may also save you money in the long run. You can also install vinyl tiles or rubber floor tiles to cover a concrete floor. You can rent a sander for the project.

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